Life Coach Trainer Diploma is a professional practical model for the work of teamwork sessions 10 specialized training programs

With obtaining a practical diploma for group coaching coaches

Starting from 30 July 2023

Live Attendance + Online Attendance

The importance of a life coach diploma

The program provides you with the rules of work as a trainer for the guidance program for individuals and groups, through which individuals get the basic rules that help them in their lives.

Advantages of the coach collective trainer

The trained coach has a range of skills that have more influence on individuals and clients. Where he can practice improving the performance of customer behaviors and addressing their negatives, And increase their self-confidence. The trained coach seeks to make each individual able to solve his problems and able to improve his performance and practice solutions and from the reality of his self-reliance.

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Life Coach Trainer Diploma

An advanced qualification level that qualifies you to provide and conduct practical sessions for the public and groups that contains 10 specialized training programs