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The Guide Book Inside the Work

5.000 د.ك

Displays the importance of mentoring within the business, and how to practice training and guidance, Orientation for all job categories. Refers to the importance of qualifying guidance specialists and guidance departments as specialists

  • Leadership guidance
  • Administrative guidance
  • Vocational guidance and human resources
  • – Guidance for motivation and performance development
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The Mentor Within Work book, the author talks about the role of coaching and personal and group training on the job. And the ability of the coach ((director)) in the practice of work and the practice of psychological assistance to employees.

Displays the tasks practiced by the awareness mentor for jobs and work

  • Guidance for individuals
  • Personal psychological counseling
  • Vocational education
  • Treatment and repair
  • Administrative control

Part of the content of the book

  • Institutional and mentoring role
  • The main roles
  • Work control
  • Supervisor and team leader
  • Self control prompt
  • Personal guidance to others in relationships and work
  • Developmental psychological disciplines
  • What does routing do
  • Orientation time period
  • What is the role of the mentor
  • Advisory opinion
  • Self-direction for self-management
  • Self-directed at work
  • Self-direction in personal service and life
  • Preparation and self-preparation
  • The mentor is the most important profession in institutional work
  • Executive role
  • societal role
  • institutional aspiration
  • Guidance and his institutional role as a consultant


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