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Self coach life course

100.000 د.ك

A specialized program for building a mentoring personality, a pioneering opportunity to enhance your mentoring personality. A program that teaches you, step by step, how to be a successful mentor to yourself and others.

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Self coach life course

Program themes:

  1. Know your personality and describe your traits
  2. Knowledge of self-directed communication methods
  3. An exercise in communicating with yourself
  4. An actual practice of getting in touch with your thinking
  5. How to set life goals for yourself
  6. Ways to develop your skills
  7. Build successful sessions with your clients

Program Goals :

  1. Apply positive guidance to yourself
  2. Direction and mastery practice
  3. Practice your relationships with yourself
  4. Practice connecting with yourself
  5. Thinking as a mentor and action steps as a mentor

A pioneering opportunity to practice mentoring with yourself and mentoring to build the personality of the mentor from the site of his experience in all ways of thinking and understanding clients and increasing your confidence in your work as a mentor at the time of sessions and persuading clients


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