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11 December، 2022

Five Habits that Destroy Your Future

Five habits that steal your future Our habits are a way of life by virtue of our dealings with individuals. The habits of an individual today are a microcosm of his future tomorrow. What you plant today, you will eat the fruits tomorrow. Habits shape the character of the individual. And it makes us differentiate between people
25 April، 2021

Coach as a Successful Model

The coach is a successful model. This may be a presupposition when we say that the coach is a successful model. The coach model is one of the most important means of your success in your work as a mentor. We can say that your success in the personality in which you live affects your level of success in your work as a mentor.
17 February، 2021

Coach Your Life first

The coach is for your life first. We practice many behaviors in our lives that affect us. Whenever we talk or express ourselves, we provide instructions, guidance, or advice to us or to the latter. We may not call that guidance, but it is actually concepts within the work of the coach or mentor.
25 January، 2021

Coaching for a Life Renewal

Coaching for a renewed life It is important in our lives to look at the culture of renewal. Renewal is not motivated by change. Rather, renewal is in the transition to better gains. Or move on to success or into relationships that are more connected to your relationship.
13 December، 2020

The Coach is Self-Confident

You may ask what is the relationship between guidance and self-confidence, and the answer is that there is a necessary relationship between self-confidence and guidance. It is not now that he succeeds in a task related to people's interests and goals, and he may not show them a sufficient degree of self-confidence.
26 October، 2020

Self-training culture

Self-training culture The self-training culture is the most important and newest culture in the world of development. There is no better opportunity to spark your personal growth than to comment that you are communicating with yourself motivated by the development of your personality and skills.