20 September، 2023

How to become a Life Coach? How long do you need?

How to become a Life Coach? How long do you need? If you are looking for an inspiring and rewarding career, Life coaching may be the ideal choice for you. It is a profession that aims to help others achieve their goals and develop their lives. If you want to know how to become a Life Coach and how long you may need it, Then you are in the right place.
11 December، 2022

Five Habits that Destroy Your Future

Five habits that steal your future Our habits are a way of life by virtue of our dealings with individuals. The habits of an individual today are a microcosm of his future tomorrow. What you plant today, you will eat the fruits tomorrow. Habits shape the character of the individual. And it makes us differentiate between people
22 November، 2022

How to Understand your Life Purpose?

Lecturer for one day How to become a mentor to your life (How to become a life coach) Attendance in the auditorium on Wednesday, December 21, at the academy's headquarters at 5:00 pm Kuwait - Salmiya - Salem Al-Mubarak Street - The Walk Complex, second floor