Go now to start your business in the field of consulting, and you can act as a mentor and a modified behavior coach

Your practice of behavior modification leads your personality with confidence. You can improve your performance. You can reach all your goals.

June 20-21 attendance in the hall and via the Zoom application

Behavior Modification Coach

bag goals

Modification of all behaviors.

Correction to modify behavior is a practical way to change all negative behavior.

- Rapid disposal of negative habits through practical modification.

- Modification of skill performance that develops personality.

- The mentor is an advanced program for personality modification and for the development of skills and temperament, a practitioner of the mentor profession for behavior modification.

You can now help all clients and hold business sessions with

Behavior modification for human resources and spouses.

- Modifying the behavior of children and youth to improve their abilities.

Project owners and their business management.

Modifying habits and character.

- Developing targeted life skills for personal development.

Acquire new habits that are beneficial to you and your clients.

- Practicing guidance sessions to modify customer behavior for success.

Obtain a program, practical system, and coaching skills to modify behavior

  • How to modify behavior with direct guidance
  • Behavior modification with mental guidance
  • Cognitive behavior modification
  • Practical behavior modification
  • The changing power of habits of mind
  • The changing power of habits of mind
  • Normalization of new and alternative behavior
1What is a behavior modification coach?
Behavior is the starting point for success or improving your performance, and all specialties of counseling, treatment and counseling depend on behavior modification. The behavior modification stage is the most important and the result of each is specialization, training and planning
2What is the content of the behavior modification coach course?
overhead vision Sensory attention Awareness of its types and impact Identification Inner awareness Awareness to modify behavior Substitution of the mental image Mental switch is the cure Practice with present awareness A good start is in practicing mindfulness modification A way to deal with targets
3What is the benefit of behavior modification?
Behavior modification practitioner during all consulting work. Behavioral modification practitioner for relationships. Rehabilitation in the practice of modification of negative habits. Dealing with personal difficulties. Work as a mentor (coach, modify behaviors)
4How to train coach behavior modification?
1 - Registration and electronic approval 2 - Obtaining the training materials, Video and PDF, via e-mail 3 - Follow up with the program supervisor 4- Answering the tests for each subject

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Behavior Modification Coach

Behavior Modification Coach

Start your business in the field of Coaching, being able to work as a Mentor and a Behavior Modification Coach