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Coach and psychotherapy developed methods of help and motivation for clients in need of treatment, support, development and thinking in order to maintain mental health. And in order to achieve their life goals. Your practice of coach and psychological and specialized guidance is launched for you in your self-employment and in your professional life

Practical qualification to practice coaching as a free profession and a practical profession practiced in all directions of specialization that develops your communication and leadership Your business relationships and project management

The opportunity to practice the specialized psychological coach bags

  • Qualification as a professional mentor and counselor

  • Internationally accredited specialized training packages

  • Qualification to manage the counseling and psychological guidance project

Benefits for the personality of the coach and the guide

  1. Identify the system of positive thinking and hold sessions.

  2. Learn on all curricula and disciplines of positive psychology.

  3. Qualifying you in specialized programs and bags that concern.

    • - Positive thinking.
    • - Motivation prompter.
    • - Directed cognitive perception.
    • - Thinking skills.
    • - Mental training.
    • - Behavior and skills processing
    • - Improve customer performance
    • - Management of psychological coach sessions

Training content and curriculum breakdown

Introduction to Psychology

Building a psychological personality establishes a good level of reading personality formation. and knowing the state of mind, And measuring the level of conscious perception of people in psychological guidance sessions. It also establishes the understanding and measurement of the level of thinking functions:

(Perception - memory - awareness - concentration - logical levels - and the individual's awareness of individuality - and his motives - and internal balance - and knowledge of social awareness - and the shake of emotional satisfaction - and organization of thinking - and personality traits - and patterns of thinking - and measure mental health - and knowledge of mental disorders - and cognitive disorders)

It also establishes know-how in basic thinking functions and the construction and installation of thinking systems.

(Such as belief, values, temperament, and know-how in the sections of the self: identity, ego, superego - and psychological motivation)

Psychological guidance distinguishes between the following personality traits :

(Narcissism and cognitive development disorders – distinguishes the difference between anxiety, fears, obsessions and other psychological symptoms.)

Psychological coaching practice

Provides details of the nature of psychological guidance Coaching for mental health and mental modification functions, Promote psychological (mental) balance and improve balanced thinking functions, and the use of mental guidance models

Definition of balanced mental behavior and awareness of self-values Improving interactive intelligence, knowing one's place and establishing awareness of self-intentions, And awareness of responsibility and building self-confidence and the concepts of self-affirmation, And employing the emotional aspects and improving the level of understanding and awareness of cognitive mental learning,And awareness in social and linguistic intelligence and awareness of understanding, the importance of relationships, the adaptability of the mind with society and adaptation to integration, the possibility of employing brainstorming to learn from experiences.

Coach and psychological counselor

It provides adaptation methodology and adaptation skills, behavioral and mental abilities for positive communication, awareness of effective communication and confrontation in communication, positive personality dialogue and negotiation, persuasion, coherence and harmony, and psychological counseling to determine intentional goals associated with self-awareness, awareness and cognitive self-worth: -

  1. Freedom from psychological pressure.

  2. Enhancing attendance and dealing with internal and external personality.

  3. Treatment of introverted and harmonious behavior.

  4. and improve the language of free thinking.

  5. Counseling to address aggressive behavior and psychological frustration .

  6. Repair the disorder of consciousness and improve the performance of perception of self-understanding.

  7. Addressing the past and experiences.

  8. Training on the processing of experiences.

  9. Reformulate negative attitudes and meanings across the time line.

  10. And build aspects of active personality and fitness life skills.

  11. Modifying one's self-perception.

Psychotherapeutic coach

It provides models of behavioral therapy, such as the realistic treatment model - presenting the basic principles of psychological counseling or behavioral and cognitive counseling, how the psychological counseling curriculum works, the specifications of the psychological counselor, learning methods and psychological counseling, treatment of behaviors with harmful performance and self-censorship: -

  1. Psychological support and cognitive therapy for corrective behavior

  2. Affective analysis .

  3. Promote self-esteem, self-esteem and self-expression.

  4. And for constructive critical language

  5. Familiarity with symptoms of trauma of all kinds and treatment with mental counseling

  6. Treatment of psychological reactions .

  7. Promote awareness of self-care behavior.

  8. Calm and safety training.

  9. Relax and release from stress.

  10. Training in logical thinking and guidance advice.

  11. How to read and address problem analysis

  12. Control mental behavior.

Positive psychological coach (positive psychology)

Positive psychology is a modern school in psychology, which arose to address the state of mind, and with the aim of modifying thinking in all aspects of thinking and acting positively, and also aims to change the performance of the mind to a positive mentality in the face of the mentality and to treat it: -

  1. Negativity with types of negativity .

  2. Use continuous awareness of concepts and values.

  3. Review positive convictions and temperaments.

  4. Provides or establishes the language of purposeful positive thinking.

  5. It helps to formulate communication and positive behavior.

  6. Improves self-treatment of all negative deposits.

  7. The character's performance changed to positive in the mind.

  8. Coalescence in reflexes.

  9. Dealing with current conditions and experiences.

Motivational coach

Motivation Science: A new psychological school established according to field studies that proved the importance of self-motivation, and its effects on personal performance, and its role in addressing the effects of social and family pressures, and environmental pressures, and psychological stimulation in the coach aims to enhance the response of individuals to the psychological mentor. It also aims: -

  1. Enhance clients' response to psychological guidance and treatments.

  2. Increase self-confidence .

  3. confidence in the abilities of change and self-processing,

  4. Guiding stimulation to change negative habits to positive ones.

  5. Get rid of dropping, blame and punishment.

  6. Transforming negative emotions and impulses into positive.

  7. Waiver of withdrawal from self-responsibility.

  8. Transforming personality into dynamic task performance.

Behavioral psychoanalysis

Presents the importance of psychological behavior analysis (mental) and analytical schools and the dynamics of behavioral thinking, and the definition of growth - as well as the facilitator methods of psychoanalysis, and the concept of psychological energy: -

  1. and analyze and read the behavior of individuals

  2. Classification of character styles

  3. Knowledge of psychological phenomena

  4. Projection.

  5. The motivation to protect it.

  6. Withdrawal withdrawal behavior.

  7. Confrontation, attack or recklessness.

  8. Introversion and stability or societal independence.

  9. Openness, flexibility and diffusion.

  10. It presents the explanation of neuroticism, trauma and the study of unconscious functioning.

  11. And individual and holistic functions in thinking and analytical processing methods.

  12. And read behavioral disorders in the mind.

Performance skills for psychological coach

Professionalism of work skills with clients The need for psychologically oriented rehabilitation, which is mental and cognitive skills, and includes the skills of managing sessions according to the psychological framework of development and awareness, and through dialogue that enhances understanding and awareness of knowledge, and enhances the focus on reading the character from a behavioral perspective, and develops the language of logical dialogue rational and the formulation of requirements to establish simulations of cognitive and reading functions of events: -

  1. Persuasion and logical sequence.

  2. Determine the psychological return on thinking and design.

  3. Mental treatments of ideas and discussion.

  4. Inside mentoring sessions

  5. Presentation of positive behavioral performance and skills (at the same level as a psychology consultant)

  6. Counseling for self-motivational behavior.

  7. Structured tracking of mental bonding.

  8. Maintain mental calm.

  9. Treatment of negative emotions.

  10. Promote positive mental habits.

Video of the detailed explanation of the diploma curricula

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Diploma of Coach and Psychological Counselor

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The Coach and Psychological Counselor Diploma is a training program designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to work as a professional Clive coach and psychological counselor.

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