Welcome to our specialized vocational training system.

We are pleased to provide you with a set of important instructions that explain our system of work in our training for professional programs and diplomas that we provide for you:

The following is a list of important instructions that help you understand the training and qualification mechanism:


It is important to familiarize yourself with the training methods that we provide to you, which are:

1- A specialized basic training material approved in his curriculum.

2- All materials are subject to training and are available online. You have the right to view and study them after your registration in the project of your choice.

3- Visual and audio videos for one training course.

4- Questions and tests accompanying the training material that require an answer.

5- Here are tests for each specialized subject. The participant is required to answer all tests for all specialized subjects.

6- You can get materials and training bags printed and according to specialization, This is after completing the answers to the tests.

7- The customer can answer all the tests by means of the electronic review of the training materials.


Answering the questions in the method of answers from the curriculum.


The answers are necessary and to prove that the participant has studied and read the curricula intended for his rehabilitation.


The participant fills in the electronic form upon registration of the application for joining and electronic signs a contract detailing the contract. He fills out the Examinations Examination Form


The participant submits the answers and gets an evaluation that is sent to him electronically. After a period not exceeding a week.


Based on the test form data, he can print the certificate for each subject electronically.


The participant depends 50% in his studies on the basic training material. 25% on video materials and 15% on his practice. And 10% on answering the tests.


Online specialty training is supported in the world. In order to be able to practice training and study frequently, And through the availability of training materials online.


Distance training depends on the strength of the specialized curricula and the capabilities of the curricula and packages in providing an adequate qualification level for the trained specialist.


The participant can obtain all the services included in the participant after paying his participation fee.


Communication takes place via e-mail, and the designated e-mail is the approved and agreed upon method as an official means of communication and with the consent of the participant through his participation and registration.


Any other means of communication other than the email assigned to the academy and the email chosen by the participant are not valid.


All inquiries are communicated by e-mail by the participant

Answer the questions and send them by e-mail

Get the answers evaluated

The response that confirms the arrival of the answers


All e-mails sent by the institute are considered obligatory to be accredited, committed, and approved implicitly by the participant. The fact that the Institute owns programs and intellectual property, Being the accredited body towards the trainee participant.


All material transactions and payment of the value of the programs are binding on the trainee. He is not entitled to claim to send the programs nor to enter the designated training page unless the payment conditions are met and the value of the training project is paid by the participant.


The participant is obligated to respond to all e-mails sent by the training company, Vision Academy. In the event of no response within a week, the participant will be contacted. Through email. In the event of non-response, the client’s registration will be suspended until an email is sent requesting re-participation.


There are no conditions for return of participation, It just starts where it left off.


All of the previous points are binding on the participant and he is approved practically and formally from the time he signs the registration document


Based on the level of advanced education based on the methodology contained in the curricula of specialized educational materials, The level of qualification is sufficient to qualify the participant and prepare him for the labor market and success in his profession.


The participant can benefit from the training materials and consider it a scientific and methodological reference. throughout the stages of his career. This is an advanced feature of his specialized bags.

NB: The participant acknowledges the approved method of work and communication with the client, which was explained in the previous points.