Obtain a program, a practical system, and the skills of a practicing life coach

  • How do you communicate with your work relationships as a coach

  • How to build business relationships with your customers

  • Learn the skills of the coach professionals

  • Methods of agreement and contracting

  • Working methods and conducting individual and group sessions

  • Influence, respond and achieve results for people

  • Dealing with threatening temperaments, habits and difficulties of personalities

  • Practicing methods of dialogue, discussion and intellectual sequence

  • Helping customers to think in the language of objectives in dealing with all categories of customers

  • Modifying behavior, changing negative habits, leading sessions, and achieving an action plan for clients' goals

  • Dealing with all aspects of life

  • Solving problems, pressures and negative thinking of customers

  • Practical skills that actually make you succeed in formulating a positive performance

How to train

  • Electronic registration and approval
  • Obtaining training materials by electronic correspondence
  • Follow up with the program supervisor
  • Answer the tests for each training material and training chapter

Affiliation methods

  • Remote training packages
  • Conducting electronic interviews
  • Agreeing to communicate for practical training
  • Guidance in getting started

Question and answer

1How to become a life coach?
In order to be directed, you need to exercise the disciplined thinking of the power of your mind. Your start in the mentoring practice means your start in the practice of communicating in ways that stimulate your mind. Guidance is a practical, cognitive, and skillful specialty for you and your personality. Your initiative in studying guidance makes you know how to take practical steps for you and quick steps that include your awareness of the way you prepare your thinking.
2How do I become a certified life coach?
You can now start with us the system for qualifying coaching professionals by obtaining and training at the first level, which is a practicing life coach and training for one month in which you will get a lot of information and training about coaching and how to manage coaching sessions with international curricula and certificates accredited by Britain

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Certified Life Coach

Life Coach Practitioner Specialized Training Package

It contains the details of the main fields and tools required, such as Positive Communication, Counseling and Building Goals as well as cognitive coaching

The first training system in the Arab world to qualify Certified  Life Coach Professionals to practice free-lance professional coaching