After a great success, he participated now in the largest gathering in the Gulf, a practical diploma for professional coaching, a group of 8 bags specialized in vocational rehabilitation to work in the field of life coaching.

Coach system

The coach is distinguished in that he has the ability to build a work system, It helps in enhancing the tasks that you practice, And preparing you to work with clients.

A system that guides ways to build your tasks and steps that you seek. It makes you able to work with useful jobs for people in a professional and practical manner.

Psychological rehabilitation programs and vocational rehabilitation programs

The system has practical skills, can make you able to employ your mental ability, such as focus, attention and clarity of mind,

practical communication, Professional communication and enhancing your practical influence on your customers. At the same level of work and performance of coach professionals

Personal benefits of a coach and guide

  • Think professionally as a personal advisor

  • Being able to build goals and life plans

  • Get management skills for your life affairs

  • Rapid learning of communication skills with relationships and the art of persuasion and contracting

  • Practicing methods of advice, guidance, dialogue and guidance to clients

  • Being able to work in directing work management with clients

  • Train you to develop your personality

  • Knowledge of free and flexible thinking skills

  • Increase communication skills with people

Diploma training content

Approved training curricula

  • The first method is the self-coach
  • The second approach is the practicing coach
  • The third curriculum is the advanced practitioner coach
  • The fourth approach is the work model for the coach specialist
  • The fifth curriculum is the developed performance of thinking skills
  • Sixth Curriculum Communication skills within work
  • The seventh curriculum is the professional personality and positive thinking
  • Curriculum Eight Skills for managing the work of the coach

Objectives of the practical diploma

Discussion sessions for successful experiences in mentoring

How to manage sessions practically

Practicing labor relations within work

100 questions and answers on how to work


  • Obtaining 8 specialized certificates for each training bag
  • Obtaining the final diploma after passing the exams
  • Obtaining a magnetic membership card for the Professional Coaching Club
  • Obtain a GPA transcript

Seat reservation form

Training events


On June 11, 2023 at the International Vision Institute

the address : Kuwait - Salmiya - Salem Al Mubarak Street - The Walk Complex, second floor

And from outside the State of Kuwait, you can attend via the Zoom application

Practical Diploma for Professional Coaching

A group of 8 bags specialized in qualifying a professional for self-employment in the first profession in the world in the field of life coach with international certificates and membership from Britain