Awareness and awareness development bag | اكاديمية تأهيل محترفين الكوتشينج

Awareness and awareness development bag

200.000 د.ك

Program Goals

  • How to restore the latent abilities within you
  • How to re-see situations, yourself, and the ability to control attention
  • Knowing maturity and it makes you free from the state of understanding of your life and the situations that happen to you with your relationship
  • Knowing to explore yourself and the truth of your life and its importance to you above all the events that happen to you.
  • How to make your mind choose the most rational thoughts and deal with your situation in deliberation, calmness and flexibility.
  • How to be able to unleash your courage and confrontation of situations.
  • How to get rid of internal pressures and free your mind from historical and negative situations
  • Employ all the capabilities of your senses
  • Quick and automatic attention release
  • You control and choose your performance
  • How to use emotional and emotional feelings
  • Knowledge of automatically canceling negative feelings


  • Integrated mental development
  • Maturity and awareness
  • Consciousness and self-awareness
  • The power of the present, awareness and mental maturity
  • Thinking in the language of the present
  • Awareness of the power of thought
  • The ability to be free from judgment and restriction in the opinion
  • The power of attention with awareness and intelligence
  • The practice of true happiness
  • Self awareness and life growth
  • Switch to the self-reinforcing direction
  • mental awareness
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Spontaneity in the practice of awareness
  • Essentials for the practice of awareness and perception
  • Mindfulness
  • Free and new consciousness
  • Look at yourself with confidence
  • Unlimited transformation
  • The power of acceptance


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