NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming

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I get a program, practical system and NLP coach skills


  • Scientific article PDF
  • Video visual material
  • PDF Practical Exercises
  • Certificate approved by the Professional Life Coach Qualification System for Training and Guidance in Britain, PDF
  • Membership in the Professional Coaching Club for one year

I get a program, practical system and NLP skills

  • – How to direct your thinking to design positive ideas and goals.
  • Guidance to think about the formulation of the language of your communication.
  • Self-talk and relationships with self-direction.
  • Directed to lead yourself and build positive values ​​and assumptions.
  • – Persuasion and interaction with guidance and communication with guidance for the language of internal suggestion and intelligent thinking.
  • Guidance for developing the art of proofreading the language of speaking about ideas and speaking.
  • – Orient to manage dialogue sessions and set goals and relationships.
  • Addressing beliefs and limitations of thinking. Practical and positive thinking by performing wave patterns.
  • – Leading behavioral control and modification with conscious guidance.
  • – Guidance to control trust and increase innovation of solutions.
  • – The mentor helps you simulate thinking and remove negativity and the effects of experiences.
  • – Analyze your needs and identify your attitudes with the help of self-direction.
  • – The power of suggestions and determination of convictions by talking to oneself.
  • Positive simulations of logical language reinforce meaningful programs in your thinking.

Program your thinking in ways that NLP designs with a self-directed and others-directed approach.

  • Conducting sessions for the self to apply all means of programming, employing the language of thinking and managing the mind in designing ideas and your personality, and holding sessions to help others.
  • – Dealing with your goals and helping others by dealing with theirs.
  • To hold therapeutic and development sessions for self and others, and work development sessions with goals, steps, and skills behavior.


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