15 September، 2021

The importance of joining the work team fellowship

The importance of affiliation with the work team fellowship and your presence with a distinguished group working in the areas of providing training, advice, guidance and guidance to people, The opportunity to work, spread, communicate and provide services to your customers. Life Coach
25 April، 2021

Coach as a Successful Model

The coach is a successful model. This may be a presupposition when we say that the coach is a successful model. The coach model is one of the most important means of your success in your work as a mentor. We can say that your success in the personality in which you live affects your level of success in your work as a mentor.
13 December، 2020

The Coach is Self-Confident

You may ask what is the relationship between guidance and self-confidence, and the answer is that there is a necessary relationship between self-confidence and guidance. It is not now that he succeeds in a task related to people's interests and goals, and he may not show them a sufficient degree of self-confidence.